Jonathan Pfendler, 2nd dan

Karate & Kobudo Instructor


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Sue Pfendler, 3rd dan

Instructor &  Director


John Hess, 2nd dan

Asst. Instructor


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For more than 15 years, our school has been delivering on our promise to provide students of all ages, with both physically dynamic yet mentally simulating training. We pride ourselves on never delivering anything less than our best to our students.


We employ sound teaching principles consisting of visual, auditory and hands-on instruction to deliver lessons that inspire. With highly qualified  instructors we strive to meet the needs of the students and families. 

Seikeikan, Uptown Karate knows that karate of Okinawa is steeped in the lessons of real world self-defense from old world tradition. We  work with our students to build the physical and mental strength of understanding. 

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Dennis Pfendler, 4th dan

Chief Instructor


Uptown Karate

Very positive atmosphere, great training for any age. Would recommend that anyone looking to begin practicing martial arts visit to watch a class. The training does require a will to learn the material, unlike larger - more commercialized schools.

-- Z. Badger


Great dojo. Sensei Pfendler is very knowledgeable

-- J. Miller

Hours: Mon - Thur 4:00pm - 8pm

- Saturday 10:00am-1:00pm